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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Migration and marriage patterns

I'm beginning to think that the Lollar, Patillo and Perkins families really were close since there are several marriages between these three families. My records show:
Robert Biggan Perkins (b 1736) married Elizabeth Lollar (b abt 1740)
Littleton Patillo (b 1750) married Elizabeth Perkins (b abt 1765)
John Lollar (b 1779) married Susannah Patillo (b 1778)
Reuben Perkins (b 1783) married Elizabeth Patillo
Corder Lollar (b 1820) married Mary Caroline Patillo (b 1820)
James F. Patillo married Mary Betsy Lollar (b 1827)

Elizabeth Perkins was Robert Biggan Perkins' daughter; Susannah was Littleton Patillo's daughter; Mary Betsy and Corder were John Lollar's children; Reuben was Robert Biggan Perkins' grandson. The relationships built between these families lasted over 100 years! The mystery about John Lollar may be solved by starting with the Robert Biggan Perkins and Elizabeth Lollar connections.

Many people seem to have records that John Lollar and several of his children were born in Buchanan (town) in Granville, NC. Sometime between 1687 and 1713 the Perkinses moved from Baltimore, MD to Lincoln Co. NC. The earliest Lollar info I could find was Elizabeth born about 1740 in Burke Co., NC and she married Robert Biggan Perkins in 1759 in Lincoln Co, NC. For Patillos, I have John Patillo (Littleton's father) being born in 1722 "of" Lincoln Co, NC. But I still cannot find any connection to Granville Co in any of this data. Lincoln and Burke counties are in the western part of NC. Granville County borders Virginia and is northeast about 180 miles.