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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

John Lollar and 1820 census

Here are some notes and things I've gleaned from the info that I have of John Lollar. This was taken from the 1820 White Co, TN census.

John Lauler’s family:
Age on census | years | actual person (guess) | Age
male 26-45 | 1775-1794 | John, b 1779 | 41
female 26-45 | 1775-1794 | Nancy, b 1794 | 26
male 16-26 | 1794-1804 | ??
female 16-26 | 1794-1804 | ??
male 10-16 | 1804-1810 | Levi, b 1807 | 13
male 10-16 | 1804-1810 | Isaac, b 1809 | 11
female under 10 | 1811-1820 | Elizabeth/Sally/Susanna?
female under 10 | 1811-1820 | Elizabeth/Sally/Susanna?
male under 10 | 1811-1820 | Corder b 1820 | under 1
Who are the two missing children aged 16-26? Could they have been Nancy’s siblings? Do we have wrong birth dates and could the girl be Elizabeth/Sally/Susanna? Why do I have three females under 10 but the census listed only two? These items and dates need to be verified. What if John and Susanna Patillo actually got married earlier, around 1800? They then could have had the two children 16-26 years old on this census. Maybe dates for Elizabeth/Sally/Susanna are wrong and one of them was born in the 1794-1804 period.

For more notes and thoughts on the White County censuses I have added a link to the right.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Were John and Thomas Lollar brothers?

Thomas Lollar (b. abt 1784) first shows up in White Co, TN in the 1818 Tax list: "Lawler, Thomas, 1wp, 48 acres Calf Killer." John Lollar (b. 11 July 1779) and Thomas both show up in the 1820 White Co, TN census and are listed in each one through the 1960 census. In the 1821 tax list John's listing is "Lollar, John, 1wp, 183 acres Town Creek ." The 1860 census shows John Loller living in District 7 with the nearest post office in New Ark (does the name of this area exist any more?). It shows Thomas Loller living in District 13 with the nearest post office in Clarkstown. 

I'm pretty sure that Town Creek is somewhere on/near Ditty Road off of Burgess Falls Road in Putnam County but I'm not sure of where Calf Killer is though I've heard of it before. (I lived in Cookeville for about 10-12 years.) I was doing some searching on Google maps one day and actually found both a Town Creek Road and an area called Calfkiller. Just type in "Sparta, Tennessee" click to zoom in closer once, and follow highway 84 to the northeast. This is labeled as Calfkiller Hwy and right where it intersects with Mill Creek Road is Calfkiller. Was this the area where Thomas lived? On the map go straight west from Calfkiller and you'll see Ditty at the intersection of Ditty Road and 135 (Burgess Falls Rd). Zoom in once more and you'll see Town Creek road so I'm assuming this is the Town Creek area.  My dad showed me where the John and Isaac Lollar cabin was (the pictures are on this website) and I can't remember now but I'm pretty sure it was right off of Ditty Road somewhere in this area.  The distance from Calf Killer to Ditty is about 15 miles "as the crow flies" so following the roads would make this distance much further. 

So, if John and Thomas were brothers why didn't they live near each other? I'm pretty sure Thomas and his wife Jane are not buried in the Perkins Cemetery but John, Nancy and more Lollars and some Perkinses are. Obviously it's not that they couldn't be brothers, it just doesn't make sense that they didn't live very close to each other. If they were, did something happen between the two of them or did Thomas just live in Calfkiller to be near Jane's family? (I don't know anything about Jane so that's a complete guess.)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

John Lollar – no "J"

I recently received some info in an email that makes complete sense
to me: John J. Lollar (b 1779) is actually John Lollar with no J for
the middle name. The "John J" most likely stemmed from confusing John
Jefferson Lollar (b 1846) with the aforementioned 1779 John Lollar.
John Jefferson married Leoma/Omie Burgess and many people
state that the 1779 John Lollar married Omie Burgess. Unfortunately, I've
even seem some people's research showing the 1779 John as John
Jefferson Lollar.

Take the White Co, TN census records and tax list as an example of
why not to use the middle initial J; John was listed as the head of
household in these ways:
1820 census: John Lauler
1821 White Co tax list: John Lollar owned 183 acres in Town Creek
1830 census: John Lollar
1840 census: John Loller
1860 census: John Loller

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why I'm starting a genealogy blog.

There is really not a lot of information on the internet about the Lollar family that is very cohesive. I guess that's just how the internet is set up. Besides people publishing their family genealogies that include Lollars there is not much other info that brings it all together. That is one thing that I hope to accomplish on my website and also with this blog. I'd like to be able to make my research progress available to anyone that is researching this family line and hopefully it will help you as well.

I have found several websites that list Isaac Lollar (b. 1710) as a common ancestor but most people in the descendants follow only one line. One thing I hope to do is to consolidate that information and add it to my family tree in order to aid anyone following those lines, regardless if they are my direct family line or not.

However, probably my main goal is to figure out the mystery behind John Lollar (b. 11 July 1779 in Buchanan, Granville Co, North Carolina) and how he is connected to the Isaac Lollar line. So far I can't tell that anyone has connected him with that line but I'm convinced he is somehow. The biggest reason is that Isaac Lollar's line has lots of Perkinses mingled in and John evidently lived right near the Perkins families since he and his wife Nancy are both buried in the Perkins Cemetery.

Originally this post said it was a test post but I just changed it tonight (9/16/06) to make it more of an introduction blog. I probably won't modify past blogs unless there is some sort of gross error.

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